EXCENTRIK Now Here Nowhere

Excentrik (Tarik Kazaleh) is a Palestinian-American producer, composer and MC from San Francisco, CA. Hailing from a musical family, Excentrik began playing Guitar and Arabic Tabla in 1992. He began producing Hip Hop beats in 1996 and went on to perform with some of the dopest MC’s in the Bay Area and Detroit. Furthering his passion for music, Excentrik went on to study Oud and Arabic Maqam (Modes which are the basis for Oud improvisation) and eventually studied music theory and free improvisation with Josh Allen (from the Berkeley Jazz School). This lead to the forming of The 3 Mohammads, a Free Jazz trio with Timothy Orr (of the Dave Brubek Institute and Monterrey Jazz Festival) on Drums and Percussion, Josh Allen on Tenor Saxophone and Excentrik on Oud, Tabla and Electric Guitar. 

In 2003 Excentrik toured the U.S. with Iron Sheik and produced many of the tracks on his album, “Yet We Remain.” It was during that tour that Excentrik met the great composer Halim al-Debh, who’s works with Leonard Bernstein and Martha Graham are seen as some of the most important contributions to the musical avant garde, and who’s early electronic music (circa 1950′s) had a huge influence on Excentrik. In 2006 Excentrik moved to Los Angeles where he linked up with Omar Offendum (The Nomads) and Ragtop (The Philistines). He produced their single, “Hala,” and the collective captivated audiences in Amman, Jordan alongside the Narcycist (Euphrates) and Hip Hop icon Fred Wreck. That collaborative project, Arab Summit, released it’s first record, ArabSummit: Fear of an Arab Planet which received much critical acclaim. Now back in the Bay, Excentrik is currently working towards the release of his first solo project in almost 10 years, “NowHere No Where.”


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Excentrik - Now Here Nowhere