EXCENTRIK Now Here Nowhere

New Excentrik – Now Here Nowhere – Official single

New Excentrik – Now Here Nowhere Feat. Mitch Gibson – Official single

Now here, nowhere is angry, confused, yet driven and determined. Standing within a moment of time, fully aware of the bleak realities surrounding you; yet completely invisible, ignored though ironically inseparable from the system you struggle against. They watch us cry, and choose to ignore the pain of the oppressed.We exist as the workers, the guinea pigs, the massive pool of revenue they exploit.They exist as our burden, though oddly enough, we exist in mutual exclusivity.Without the oppressor, there obviously would be no oppressed.This song is a lament of chest pains, headaches, economic stress and interpersonal conflict within an insane time.

Excentrik – Now Here Nowhere – Feat. Mitch Gibson by Zatoon Records

– Lyrics –
you see us crying you walk away
youre the one flying we paved your way
offer you tea, you always decline
offer you me and you cross the line

Its your scene, gasoline, fire for your soul
you play me I play you, drop some gold
its a test of your best but you fell down
you dont know where to go, or what I say

Im on the bus and you grab your child
I see your fear and you see my smile
I am your donkey, but youre my ride
we are so happy that we collide

Im the breeze makes you sneeze
snots running out your nose
youre the guest Ill open up the door
to your knees, excuse me please, but its time to go

you are my problem and Im your sigh
take all your breaths as you watch me die
I know your guilt comes from all your shame
using my people… I guess were the same thing!

Your eyes meet my eyes but you turn away
the problem is you know your biz,you ain’t got time to stay
faceless,traceless you try to hold me down
look my way try to stay but I ain’t around

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Excentrik - Now Here Nowhere